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Cleaning the Sundial Pillar 2016

Friday, 16 December 2016 12:34

The Trust owns the Sundial Pillar and has the responsibility for maintaining it. Located on a busy roundabout, the Pillar's beautiful Portland Stone is subject to the depredations of traffic pollution. In summer 2016 we contracted specialists Thomann Hanry to undertake the cleaning of the 40 foot pillar, kindly sponsored by Shaftesbury.

Over two days Thomann Hanry first used their superheated water and chemical system to clean all the stone associated with the pillar then applied a surface protection to prevent stains penetrating the surface. This should make future maintenance more manageable and less costly. Finally, they installed pigeon spikes to deter perching and  protect against the corrosive effect of bird droppings. The succesful results can be seen in the before, during and after photographs below. 

The use of a cherry picker during the operation allowed close examination of the Dials faces and the Orb and revealed some deterioration in the paint and gilding finishes. Restoration work on these is planned for the new year.

Before cleaning Cleaning in progress

Cleaning in progress - detailed look at the base Seven Dials sundial pillar after cleaning, being enjoyed as a meeting place


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