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Re-Lighting Neal Street

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 10:43
Example of a finished Seven Dials lantern in situ. Example of a finished Seven Dials lantern in situ. Image courtesy of the Covent Garden Journal, edited by Jamal Uddin.

You may have noticed the work currently going on in Neal Street to replace the large number of differing street lights with the Trust’s Covent Garden Lantern® and bracket – extending the scheme of façade lights in Seven Dials – the first phase of which was completed in 2014 – to the surrounding areas. 

This is a partnership between The Trust, Camden and Shaftesbury plc. The section of Neal Street (Shelton Street to Long Acre) which falls under Westminster’s control, is also being relit with our Covent Garden Lanterns®, in partnership with Westminster and The Mercers’ Company.

The new lanterns are fitted with the latest LED ZETA lamps within a Victorian-style 'sugar bowl'. This provides a light suitable for our conservation area as well as being more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective. In the coming months, the existing Phase I lanterns will be retrofitted with the same lamps, also supported by Shaftesbury plc and The Mercers’ Company.

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