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The Cross-Border Lighting Scheme Continues

The Seven Dials Trust continues to work to encourage the use of its Covent Garden Lantern™ throughout Covent Garden and beyond. The original scheme saw the installation of the Trust's bespoke façade-mounted lanterns from Shaftesbury Avenue down to Long Acre in 2014/15.

In 2017 the Trust supplied the Mercers' Company with external lighting for their new Mercers Walk development, which opens up a previously hidden courtyard to form a walkway between Mercer Street and Langley Street. These lanterns have a Zeta LED and a specially designed bracket by IRAL Architects.

We are also working with Capital and Counties plc (Capco), the major freeholder in and around Covent Garden Piazza, to install Covent Garden Lanterns™ in Floral Street as part of their scheme which opens up a pedestrian link through to King Street. These lanterns will have a Braun gas look-alike lamp.

Discussions are underway with Camden and Seven Dials freeholder Shaftesbury plc with a view to replacing the five different styles of street lighting in Neal Street between Shaftesbury Avenue and Shelton Street, and Camden is also keen to see the Covent Garden Lanterns™ in West and Tower Streets.

Building on the cross-border success of the scheme, we are in discussion with Westminster to use the lanterns in New Row, post-mounted onto existing columns.

The Covent Garden Lantern™ offers a high quality, handsome option for public lighting, particularly in conservation areas. Its robust construction means it has a longer life than most similar products available on the market and can be more easily maintained. Lighting technology changes at a fast pace and the Covent Garden Lantern™ can accommodate the latest devices to produce a light quality  which is appropriate to conservation areas as well as meeting public safety needs.


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