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Time Plaque Sponsorship

The cast bronze Time Plaques were designed by our astronomer Gordon Taylor. They enable conversion of apparent solar time into Greenwich Mean Time , with an eye to children being able to understand.

  Each sponsor’s Time Plaque is positioned on The Dials.

  Includes a quotation about time of their choice.


  If you would like to know more about how the Dials were orientated for accurate time telling and some fascinating history behind it, see Orientating for Sundial Time.

Position of the Time Plaques and the Donors� Ring on the Dials
Positions of the Time Plaques around the Dials and the Donors’ Ring on The Dials.


Time Plaque sponsored by Dave Stewart, in situ facing the Dials.
Time Plaque facing The Dials – sponsored by musician Dave Stewart.


Year Donors and Time Plaque facing the Dials
Year Donors Plaque (L) and Time Plaque (R) facing The Dials.



  The one-off cost of sponsorship is: £20,000 if gift-aid can be claimed | £25,000 without Gift Aid. Please refer to our brochure for the most up-to-date price information.


  Time Plaque Sponsorship Form (including Gift Aid consent for individuals)


  If you are a Business and would like to support the Trust's work by sponsoring a Time Plaque please contact us.