The Dials c.1890 – a rare hand coloured lantern slide © The Trust.

The desolate Dials c.1960 – with a petrol station to the right. The Trust helped negotiate the sale of the petrol station site for housing which also reinstated the historic layout.

The unveiling of the Sundial Pillar by HM Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Prince Claus – the finalé of the 1988/9 William & Mary Tercentenary celebrations. The Pillar’s reconstruction <span style='text-decoration: underline;'><a href='/resources/Reinventing_a_Lost_Neighbourhood.pdf' target='_blank'><font color='#fff'>re-invented a lost neighbourhood.</font></a></span>

The Dials today – Pillar as a meeting place 2016. “London has acquired a new and splendid urban monument…the re-erected column now serves as a wonderful object-lesson in the creation both of urban space and street life.” – The Architects Journal.

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